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Hey, finally I managed to get someone translate this fan tweet for me. My friend can only speak Japanese and French so excuse me for making a rough English translation here. Hope you get it.

[23 December, Fan report]
"Tegoshi, Kato, Masuda, Kazama and Ikuta went to Arashi's concert. Sakurai Sho did a "fan service" by making binoculars with his hands and looking over to Toma's place. MatsuJun also did a "fan service" with Toma by putting on a smiley face. Toma was red with shyness. Then he got to ride on a torokko* (トロッコ) to the stage while waving his hands crazily. Kazama also waved at Masaki and Masaki did a "fan service" to him, too, which made the former very content".

*torokko is a kind of little train, probably used to transport people during their sightseeing, I guess. You can see an illustration of such a transport here

Source: ayk_kumanaruk@twitter

What is fortunate is that my friend offered some drawings to help me better understand, hence I think I should put them up here so that you guys can understand, too ^^

Fan service

Toma becomes red with shyness

Toma's got a ride to Arashi's stage

They are all cute and lively, aren't they? Thank you my sweet Japanese friend! :3
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It's Christmas time finally. And our boys have spread their love on J-web. I have looked through almost all the messages and videos.

Toma's first! So here you are: his video message (with Engsub of course! \^o^/) and his handwritten message (yeah, you've got to see his handwriting again, and it seems like he wrote more carefully this time :P)

If you want to see any particular JE artist's message, drop a comment below (by 26 December, when they close that special site) so I can retrieve that message for you ^^

Here are some of my favorite handwritten messages. Can you guess they belong to whom?
1.                  2.

3.                4.

5.               6.


P.S. Can you guys recommend some Christmas songs in Japanese for me? Thanks in advance.
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I guess everyone has seen it by now, but I think adding a subtitle would be useful for those who have never heard of this manga before.
So please watch the teaser with subtitles here

Let me take this chance to draw up some personal comments about the movie through its teaser:

» Yeah, "Himitsu" is the Crime/ Thriller genre, the type that Toma seems to be fond of lately :)) The appearance of all those sophisticated machines reveals a mysterious setting in the future. It is a sci-fi movie actually and looks intriguing.

» Speaking of characters' portrayals, I must say I am not so pleased with them. First let's talk about outfits. Why does Toma have to wear that turtleneck under the shirt and then wearing tie at the same time? *facepalm* I think his dressing is a little ridiculous and uncharming. And this is unacceptable for Toma, who is supposed to remain glorious esp when he is playing the role of a prestigious respectable chief officer of a crime department. And his hair, it seems like he is wearing a wick ;__;

» But what disappoints me the most is his shade of emotion delivered as Maki. It is true that Maki is a cold guy with a serious face, rarely smiles, but he's got a complicated and vulnerable soul, not to mention he actually looks very feminine. But someone after watching the teaser said that Toma looks more like a villain. What's wrong with that sharp and soulless  look, Toma? It's not Maki that I want to visualize nor is he the Toma I used to know :(( I seem to be overreacting but just try reading the manga, you would understand what I mean.

Flashback: This is what he wrote himself in Toma's Room 7 months ago: "The theme I got from director Otomo is a beautifully weary boy". How I wish he could deliever that spirit! Maybe in the movie, we'll wait and see. Meanwhile, please take a look at the picture below. I think it perfectly describes what the director implied.

» Anyway, it's just the 30s teaser. We just came to see a tiny bit of his character. Let's hope when the full trailer and more teasers come out, I can have a sigh of relief ^^
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Hehe, Christmas is time for your beloved ones, they say. And here we've got to see a hint about TomaPi again! (After that Jr. All Star "hangover" if you still remember ;)
I have my friend translate the opening of YamaPi's radio show named Soundtripper broadcasted on December, 7th:

[…] Speaking of Christmas illuminations, the other day I went for dinner with Ikuta Toma and we were in the same car on the way home. Then Toma mumbled "Why do I have to see this beautiful illumination with you?"
He is rude, isn't he?
But you know, this kind of situation occurs sometimes. For example, I can see some beautiful things whenever I am with men. Well, please enjoy fantastic illuminations with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
I can deal with a man. (laugh)

You can listen to the whole radio recording here

LOL, it seems like Toma and Pi are having a lot of fun together ^^

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I made this months ago but not until now do I post this :)) I prefer CMs with a context and a plot, like this one.
Who would reject such a son-in-law? :)))

Download the CM here.

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I am relatively new here and totally unfamiliar with the interface. I am having difficulty customizing my LJ theme. I want to put on Toma pics here and there, edit the fonts and add some text effects.

If you are available to help, please message me.

Many thanks.

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My posts are visible to friends only so if you really want to download the videos, add me first. I accept every friend request as long as you do not share or reupload my videos elsewhere.
And it's recommended compulsory that you leave a comment here.
I'm sorry if I might have overlooked your friend request, so if I don't add you back within a week, just drop a message to remind me :D

Attention: Some people kindly sent me private message to ask to befriend me but forgot to hit ADD FRIEND button. Please add me first. I don't want to be mean but I want to be added first :P
And since some people with empty livejournal added me without saying anything, I had to do the investigation or inbox them and I am too tired now, so I decided that a short introduction about yourself is COMPULSORY from now on.

To make it clear, I don't know Japanese. I am just lucky to have a super kind Japanese friend who would be willing to translate any magazine articles or videos I give her. But I don't want to bother her much, so as you can see, I only sub short videos and show extracts. And due to the same reason, I cannot take sub requests. Hope you understand.

I. TV shows and Interviews
1. Ohayou Kouro ABC (27/10/2015)
2. Grasshopper Stage Greetings x 3
3. Zumusata (31/10/2015)
4. THIS IS MJ: MJ vs IT (7/11/2015)
5. Asadesu (6/11/2015)
6. Nino-san (15/11/2015)
7. Mezado (7/11/2015)
8. Shimura Doubutsuen (6/6/2015)
9. Pittanko Kankan (6/2/2015):   Part 1   Part 2
10. Himitsu Press Meeting (12/5/2016)
11. Vamp Bamboo Burn Press Meeting (9/6/2016)
12. Mahou no Resutoran (27/10/2014)
13. ENT (16/6/2015)
14. Asakore (15/7/2016)
15. Sugiru TV (4/7/2016)
16. Zoom! Saturday (6/8/2016)
17. King's Brunch (6/8/2016)
18. Waratte Koraete (30/1/2013)
19. ZIP (26/8/2016)
20. Gout temps nouveau (30/11/2011)

1. Bath Roman 2015
2. Sumiwataru 2015
3. Shinken Zemi 1997
4. ACUO Gum 2010
5. Bath Roman (2011?)
6. at home 2012

1. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser
2. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET trailer
3. Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa teaser
4. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser SP

IV. Video messages
1. Christmas 2015
2. New Year 2016

V. Music Perf
1. Sekaijuu no dare yori kitto (with Kota Yabu)

VI. Short clips (misc.)
1. Toma's letter to Nino (1997)
2. TOKIO Kakeru Cut - Shun on Toma
3. Yamapi's letter to Toma (1997)
4. Tomapi throwback #1
5. Toma in 24hr TV
6. Chibi Toma plays guitar
7. When Ramu met Toma
8. Kimukuta phonecall
9. Toma's gyoza
10. Osozaki no Himawari NG
11. Jun-kun x Touko-chan
12. Nino-san opening (7/2016)

VII. Magazine Translation
1. WITH (7/2015):  Translation   Scanlation
2. Cinema ★ Cinema (5/2015):   Translation   Scanlation
3. TV FanCross (12/2014): Translation Scanlation
4. Cinema Square Vol.32/2010: Translation
5. Seventeen (1/2008)
6. anan (11/2015): Scanlation
7. TV Life Premium (10/2015):   Scanlation

Notice: I really love the concept of Scanlation like those projects of Tomalicious, so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me edit the original scans and turn them into beautiful scanlations :3
Please contact me if you want to join. A big welcome :)


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