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I subbed a bunch of CMs sometime ago and it's time I started to release them :P
Here you go. A sweet romantic CM featuring images from Bokura ga Ita :3
Hope you like it.
Download HERE

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I am not sure this CM is from which year, maybe around 2011 or so :)) Toma's hair in this CM doesn't remind me of any movie or drama in particular :))

A big thank to [ profile] 18_sz for helping me with the encoding. I am very satisfied with the end product.

You can download the CM here.

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This CM features the appearance of anime characters from Haruhi Suzumiya. I have never watched this anime but its characters look cute :3

From now on, I won't upload my sub on Youtube anymore and it can be viewed only by downloading.
Something happened and it kinda makes me think twice about sharing engsub here or elsewhere.
Haizz, I am in a mood swing, so don't care anyway.

Download the CM here

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Akemashite omedetou!!!

Yup, 2016 is knocking on the door.
I wish you all a year full of happiness and Toma love :3

Toma's new year message is already up on J-web. Go watch it quickly and embrace yourself 'cause...(insert your own words after watching it) :)) (I just updated the link with my Engsub. Enjoy!)

Meanwhile, I've got this little new year gift for you guys: Toma Chibi's CM back in 1997. Again, no need to be wordy, just watch!
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Hmmm, how can I say? This CM is jaw-dropping, in terms of Toma's beauty hehe :)))
But it may be a little hard to understand for those who don't know Japanese (and their habit of using wordplays :))
So as my recommendation, watch this CM for the first time to admire Toma's beauty, then watch again with the language notes on the upper screen, OK? ;)
Enjoy it here

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I made this months ago but not until now do I post this :)) I prefer CMs with a context and a plot, like this one.
Who would reject such a son-in-law? :)))

Download the CM here.


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