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A special teaser has just been released this morning on the movie's official website. Take a look now ;)
You can watch it from Youtube here.

The theme is: "A cruel yet beautiful secret", so it looks something like this. Maki is sooo beautiful !!! <3

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Sorry, it took me nearly a week to post this (Actually I tried to wait, wait a little longer for more details on the events, but I guess, hmm, that's pretty much everything). I dunno why but the event drew less attention than I expected, and the box office ranking isn't very impressive up to now :( According to, Himitsu is currently sitting at No.6 and the rating pissed me off. You should probably see why later.

That's all the bad news. And tadaa, here comes the joyful part:
First is the summary of the kawaii opening event for Himitsu THE TOP SECRET, as collected and translated from some online articles.

Toma's first words to the audiences were: "Why on earth are you coming to see this movie instead of watching Olympic opening ceremony?!"
He added, "Personally, I root for Neko Hiroshi-san, who represents Cambodian marathon team. My top secret is that I root for Neko Hiroshi-san!! Nya~ ”
(Note: Neko Hiroshi is a Japanese comedian. He’s got Cambodian nationality in order to take part in Olympic Games’ marathon).

Question: "Whose brain do you want to look into?"
Toma's answer: " Artists. I want to know how they create their works. I like Yokoo Tadanori's paintings, and want to know the process by which his paintings were born."

Tori wanted to look into a mangaka’s brain and if allowed, he would like to see Inoue Takehiko’s (Author of Slam Dunk, Vagabond…).

Kuriyama Chiaki, who appeared in a sexy long black dress, said that she was curious about handsome men's brain (i.e, their thoughts).

                        She is damn sexy!!

Omori Nao told the audience that he wanted to be Ikuta Toma so that girls go “kya!” at him.

Lisa Oda asked if it was OK to not see human’s brain. Then she confessed she had always wanted to look inside a dog’s head, to see if what she said made any sense to them.

About the movie, director Otomo said: "Ikuta-kun and other actors had performed with all their might”.
He proudly said: "You can enjoy this movie in many ways."


For live footages of the event, please visit this Youtube channel. Please note that no online reupload is allowed. No linking is hard but refrain from sharing the links in public posts. At least that's what I do.
If you are still confused after watching those clips, then basically, the highlights are:

  • Himitsu team root for Neko Hiroshi athlete and they all went "nya~" (=^.^=)

  • Tori is air-headed and forgot his wallet when eating out with Toma and Masaki and had to borrow money from the two xD

  • Okada Masaki tasted the special ingredient inside the barrel and it turned out to be honeydew. Yeah you can tell, they use a pun employing "Himitsu" (secret) and "Hachimitsu" (honey).

Some of my favorite angles (Look at his cute hair!! Look at those perms :)))

The second thing that may make you smile to your heart's content is that an avid fan of Asian movies has returned from Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada last month and published a review on Himitsu here. Then it's reasonable to set high expectations for this movie. But after seeing the low rating on, I was upset and well, angry. It can't be that bad, man!
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I guess this is not such a big event because only Toma and Masaki were present. But this one is pretty interesting in many ways.
Read on and find out ;)

Date: 25/7/2016
Starring: Ikuta Toma, Okada Masaki
Guest: Tony Jean (known as "mindhacker", which means he can read people's mind)
- Tony guessed the name of Toma's first love just out of some yes/no questions. It turned out that Toma's hatsukoi is Itou Naomi-san, a classmate of his from primary school.
Toma then remembered: "When I was in elementary school, I ran in the corridor and tumbled down. My knee was bleeding. Then she hurriedly came to me and stopped the bleeding with her handkerchief.
Afterwards, she took me to a faucet and washed my leg....I can't help falling love with her".
Watch the video Here

- Okada Masaki admitted sweating a lot during public events like this. Toma took the handkerchief from Masaki and wiped the sweat on the latter's face (with a very mischievous smile :)))
Watch the video Here

I will upload videos with better quality if I get hold of such.
I have so much to say about this surprising revelation of Toma but I guess I should leave the comment part to you ;)
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I've posted too much these days (on sites other than LJ). So tired of even typing :)))
Just watch
P.S. How can I add a gif to my journal entry? @@

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I guess everyone has seen it by now, but I think adding a subtitle would be useful for those who have never heard of this manga before.
So please watch the teaser with subtitles here

Let me take this chance to draw up some personal comments about the movie through its teaser:

» Yeah, "Himitsu" is the Crime/ Thriller genre, the type that Toma seems to be fond of lately :)) The appearance of all those sophisticated machines reveals a mysterious setting in the future. It is a sci-fi movie actually and looks intriguing.

» Speaking of characters' portrayals, I must say I am not so pleased with them. First let's talk about outfits. Why does Toma have to wear that turtleneck under the shirt and then wearing tie at the same time? *facepalm* I think his dressing is a little ridiculous and uncharming. And this is unacceptable for Toma, who is supposed to remain glorious esp when he is playing the role of a prestigious respectable chief officer of a crime department. And his hair, it seems like he is wearing a wick ;__;

» But what disappoints me the most is his shade of emotion delivered as Maki. It is true that Maki is a cold guy with a serious face, rarely smiles, but he's got a complicated and vulnerable soul, not to mention he actually looks very feminine. But someone after watching the teaser said that Toma looks more like a villain. What's wrong with that sharp and soulless  look, Toma? It's not Maki that I want to visualize nor is he the Toma I used to know :(( I seem to be overreacting but just try reading the manga, you would understand what I mean.

Flashback: This is what he wrote himself in Toma's Room 7 months ago: "The theme I got from director Otomo is a beautifully weary boy". How I wish he could deliever that spirit! Maybe in the movie, we'll wait and see. Meanwhile, please take a look at the picture below. I think it perfectly describes what the director implied.

» Anyway, it's just the 30s teaser. We just came to see a tiny bit of his character. Let's hope when the full trailer and more teasers come out, I can have a sigh of relief ^^


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