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Hiii, as I said sometime ago, I want to dedicate some entries to Kazapon when I have the chance. And here it comes. His latest movie, "Neko Nanka Yondemo Konai" hast just been out in cinema (30th Jan). It tells the story of a boxer (Kazama Shunsuke) adapting to the new life since his elder brother brought home two unruly kittens named Chin and Kuro. I guess this movie is truly a gift to cat persons out there :3 Mite, mite...

And thanks to this movie release, he's got the chance to appear on various TV shows.

Yes, you saw it too, right? He talked something about Toma. I am trying to figure out that part and hope to sub it later ^^
Tbh, I just knew about 4TOPS like 6 months ago and didn't pay much attention to Kazapon until 2 months ago T.T He may not be put in the "ikemen" category but he is surely kawaii and must be a nice guy <3
Anyone who knows much about Kazapon please share your stories with me. I am eager to learn more about him :D

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Following my previous post about Toma and Kazapon attending Arashi's JAPONISM concert, I came across Kazapon's latest blog entry on J-web. And my shipping mode is immediately ON :)))

To start with, he wrote some poem lines, which is BAKAWAII :)))

Then suddenly he changed the topic:

If we're celebrating the birth of Aiba-san, we should be using green, right?

After all, the city getting so lively is because we're celebrating a birth, right?

And the lights on the trees are there to add decoration to Aiba-chan's green, right?

They're Aiba trees, right? [...]

After that non-sense ramble, he seems to get back to the ground (OR NOT):

Yesterday I went to see Aiba-chan on his last day of being 32.

"ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism"

Oh man, it was amazing. Just wonderful.

And everyone horsed around too much (LOL)

Since they were in the middle of performing, they shouldnn't have been horsing around a lot, but there was just no helping it.

Man, it was a lot of fun.

If a DVD comes out, I'll grab a copy [...]

He ended his blog entry without forgetting to mention Aiba yet ONCE AGAIN:


Happy Birthday, Aiba-chan.

Oh my, this fanboy, he can't stop talking about his Aiba-chan :))) This perfectly fits the fan report I posted yesterday (about Aiba doing fan service to Kazapon). And this reminds me of these two dorks appearing on Sho's Abunai Yakai, so much chemistry!!! I just can't.... :))))

And now, I start wondering if I should dedicate my LJ to both Toma and Kazapon :P


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