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To make it clear, I don't know Japanese. I am just lucky to have a super kind Japanese friend who would be willing to translate any magazine articles or videos I give her. But I don't want to bother her much, so as you can see, I only sub short videos and show extracts. And due to the same reason, I cannot take sub requests. Hope you understand.

I. TV shows and Interviews
1. Ohayou Kouro ABC (27/10/2015)
2. Grasshopper Stage Greetings x 3
3. Zumusata (31/10/2015)
4. THIS IS MJ: MJ vs IT (7/11/2015)
5. Asadesu (6/11/2015)
6. Nino-san (15/11/2015)
7. Mezado (7/11/2015)
8. Shimura Doubutsuen (6/6/2015)
9. Pittanko Kankan (6/2/2015):   Part 1   Part 2
10. Himitsu Press Meeting (12/5/2016)
11. Vamp Bamboo Burn Press Meeting (9/6/2016)
12. Mahou no Resutoran (27/10/2014)
13. ENT (16/6/2015)
14. Asakore (15/7/2016)
15. Sugiru TV (4/7/2016)
16. Zoom! Saturday (6/8/2016)
17. King's Brunch (6/8/2016)
18. Waratte Koraete (30/1/2013)
19. ZIP (26/8/2016)
20. Gout temps nouveau (30/11/2011)

1. Bath Roman 2015
2. Sumiwataru 2015
3. Shinken Zemi 1997
4. ACUO Gum 2010
5. Bath Roman (2011?)
6. at home 2012

1. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser
2. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET trailer
3. Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa teaser
4. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser SP

IV. Video messages
1. Christmas 2015
2. New Year 2016

V. Music Perf
1. Sekaijuu no dare yori kitto (with Kota Yabu)

VI. Short clips (misc.)
1. Toma's letter to Nino (1997)
2. TOKIO Kakeru Cut - Shun on Toma
3. Yamapi's letter to Toma (1997)
4. Tomapi throwback #1
5. Toma in 24hr TV
6. Chibi Toma plays guitar
7. When Ramu met Toma
8. Kimukuta phonecall
9. Toma's gyoza
10. Osozaki no Himawari NG
11. Jun-kun x Touko-chan
12. Nino-san opening (7/2016)

VII. Magazine Translation
1. WITH (7/2015):  Translation   Scanlation
2. Cinema ★ Cinema (5/2015):   Translation   Scanlation
3. TV FanCross (12/2014): Translation Scanlation
4. Cinema Square Vol.32/2010: Translation
5. Seventeen (1/2008)
6. anan (11/2015): Scanlation
7. TV Life Premium (10/2015):   Scanlation

Notice: I really love the concept of Scanlation like those projects of Tomalicious, so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me edit the original scans and turn them into beautiful scanlations :3
Please contact me if you want to join. A big welcome :)


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