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Well, I don't know but I find myself watching too much Chibi Toma these days :)))
How weird I used to think he looked uncharming in his teens (sorry, am I too blunt? T___T)
But now I love this little Touko-chan and this chubby Toma in glasses ^^

Fair enough,  I should dedicate these days to bringing back memories of Chibi Toma, through these two things:
1) Jun-kun x Touko-chan lovey dovey teenage story :)))
Still confused as of what I'm trying to say? Simple! Just watch this (and don't forget to tell me how you feel ;)

2) Toma advertising a type of toy-accessory for kids on a kid magazine (probably??)
Lemme tell you, I can watch this pic a hundred times without getting bored. And actually, a finger ring watch is what I ever wanted as a kid too! And what? Doraemon watch? Shut up and take my money $__$

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Hey, finally I managed to get someone translate this fan tweet for me. My friend can only speak Japanese and French so excuse me for making a rough English translation here. Hope you get it.

[23 December, Fan report]
"Tegoshi, Kato, Masuda, Kazama and Ikuta went to Arashi's concert. Sakurai Sho did a "fan service" by making binoculars with his hands and looking over to Toma's place. MatsuJun also did a "fan service" with Toma by putting on a smiley face. Toma was red with shyness. Then he got to ride on a torokko* (トロッコ) to the stage while waving his hands crazily. Kazama also waved at Masaki and Masaki did a "fan service" to him, too, which made the former very content".

*torokko is a kind of little train, probably used to transport people during their sightseeing, I guess. You can see an illustration of such a transport here

Source: ayk_kumanaruk@twitter

What is fortunate is that my friend offered some drawings to help me better understand, hence I think I should put them up here so that you guys can understand, too ^^

Fan service

Toma becomes red with shyness

Toma's got a ride to Arashi's stage

They are all cute and lively, aren't they? Thank you my sweet Japanese friend! :3
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Hehe, Christmas is time for your beloved ones, they say. And here we've got to see a hint about TomaPi again! (After that Jr. All Star "hangover" if you still remember ;)
I have my friend translate the opening of YamaPi's radio show named Soundtripper broadcasted on December, 7th:

[…] Speaking of Christmas illuminations, the other day I went for dinner with Ikuta Toma and we were in the same car on the way home. Then Toma mumbled "Why do I have to see this beautiful illumination with you?"
He is rude, isn't he?
But you know, this kind of situation occurs sometimes. For example, I can see some beautiful things whenever I am with men. Well, please enjoy fantastic illuminations with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
I can deal with a man. (laugh)

You can listen to the whole radio recording here

LOL, it seems like Toma and Pi are having a lot of fun together ^^


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